Contemporary Style

Minimalistic Room Design

Modern, utilitarian or somewhere in between.  Contemporary design style is all about open spaces and clean lines.  Large-scale, bold embellishments, natural tones, and minimalistic design create a modern look of elegance.  Contemporary cabinets rely on sleek, smooth and polished surfaces - think streamlined, cultured and bold.  

Create a room that feels like home to you.

A modern base blended with traditional detail - contemporary style balances a look of relaxation with refinement. This design style is all about personalization. Experience the freedom to create your ideal space using a mixture of ideas and bringing harmony between elements to create the ultimate form of self-expression.

To you, this could mean eclectic accessories such as modern art next to a family heirloom.  Or, maybe a bold accent wall mixed with architectural elements as simple as arches or as ornate as rosettes. 

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